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Annual Check in

Posted 11:48
Tue 27 October
by Kasey

Hi everybody- I'm really sorry for the extreme lack of updates. I still think about Lavelle a lot, but I kind of went through a lot of things over the past couple years, both good and bad. I addressed a lot of the bad in my post a good while ago, in the "State of the author address." I've been dealing with a lot of my feelings though, and I've changed a lot of things about my life, including addressing some other depression and anxiety issues, so I'm in a better place than I've probably ever been.

On the good side of things! I haven't just vanished into the ether in the past year or so though-- right now, I'm in the process of writing a game! It's called Hustle Cat, and it's a romance visual novel set in a cat cafe. It's been a really great time (and has a kickstarter right now! <a href="">Ahem ahem</a>.

It's funny to switch to a new format after working in another one for so long. I started reading the comic again for the first time in something like a year, and I still love the writing, the characters, and everything else, but the art looks about as frustrated as I felt making it, and I think stepping outside comics for a while helped me identify that. I really want to continue Lavelle, but I'm actually no longer sure if comics is the right medium for it, and I suppose I'm sort of using this as a sounding board to consider some other options. Would illustrated prose work? Maybe episodic kinetic novels for each chapter? It's a lot to think about how to approach it! I love the idea of using multimedia to tell a story, and maybe that's something I can explore here too. Honestly, the whole thing is probably too long to finish at the rate I've been working on it anyway, so something's gotta change, right?

But anyway, I just want to let you all know, if you're still hanging in there, that I think you're all wonderful, and thank you so, so much for reading my work. If you're getting even something little out of it, that's all I could ask for. I want to come back to you all, and I'm going to work toward that!

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