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Kari Winters
Kari is an upbeat, but sensible young girl. She strives to come across to others as a reasonable, mature adult, but this usually fails spectacularly. Nevertheless, her sunny disposition is almost undefeatable.

While she feels she knows what is best in most situations, her mouth often runs away from her and creates bigger problems. She will be the first to deny her stubbornness, but Kari is fierce and iron-willed, especially when a friend is threatened. When she gets worked up, Kari won't hesitate to pick a fight with a much more formidable opponent, regardless of whether or not it's actually a good idea.

Coming to Lavelle has been nothing but trouble for her. While she's been handling whatever's thrown at her the best she can, Kari just wants to hurry up and get home.

Aiden Winters
Aiden is a well meaning, if not unpredictable young man. Far more idealistic than his sister, he has his head firmly aloft in the clouds. Tired of his life, he dreams of "getting away." Lavelle is an exhilarating experience for him, despite any initial terrors that may have occurred, and he looks at their time in the kingdom as one big adventure.

Ashton Hartwell
Although intimidating at first, underneath his hood he is sickly and scrawny. Ashton is soft-spoken and timid, and shies away from any that come too close. He has been vilified for his appearance; largely for his haunting, almost glowing blue eyes that resemble the feared Dragon King of Lavelle. Because of this, he avoids contact with others as much as possible, and prefers to be in solitude.

Just a simple woodsman, crossing paths with Kari and Ashton on their way from the forest- or so he says. Rio has a silver tongue and can smooth most rough situations with words- many of which arise from the outbursts of his partner, Xan. When words fail, he is equally skilled with swords. He prefers to fight with dual-wielded weapons in a style not common to Lavelle.

Who is this strange deer-man lurking in the forest? He seems to be the only one that speaks English, although his grasp of it is a bit tenuous. He prefers instead to communicate through forceful action, as Aiden has discovered.

Xan often creates problems with his brutal honesty and his quick temper. He is slow to accept others, and really only trusts his partner, Rio. When his trust and admiration are gained, though, he is the most dedicated and steadfast friend one could ask for.

He is a pariah to the other deer-men, although even the few humans who are aware of this do not know why. Only Rio knows, and he will not speak of it.

Silas Grissom
It's hard to tell what Silas is thinking behind that cold exterior, and that gristly scar that turns up like a smirk. It's even harder to tell where his loyalty truly lies. Is Silas simply playing others for his own gain, or is there a glimmer of hope for something hidden deep within him?

Ismene Blackburn
Blackburn is one of the Blue King's most valued advisors; partially for her ruthless pragmatism, partially for her dabbling in arcane experimentation. She served the Wistar family before the King's Coup, and she'll likely outlast most of the Blue Dynasty as well.

The Blue King
Not much is known of where he came from, as Blue Dragons are not native to Lavelle. The Dragon lead a vicious coup d'etat sixteen years previous and placed himself as King of Lavelle. As the stories from the women who gave birth to half-dragon children tell, it is believed he spent the past generation wandering the continent as a nameless traveler.

Prince Edric of Fencarden
The Crown Prince of Lavelle is hot tempered, misanthropic, and ready to start a fight. He seeks power, and will stop at nothing to gain it. He tires of the political double-speak, and aims to achieve his goals through brute force.

Princess Neri
Princess Neri is somewhat of a maverick, even among the contentious group of the Blue Princes. She has been at Court longer than others, but she doesn't participate in the territory wars waged by the other Princes. Some say even the King himself fears her- perhaps because her aims are higher than those of her provincial brothers.

Zall the Grey
Though he seems more like a spoiled teenager, Zall is the son of the legendary Grey dragon Asha, and one of the most powerful beings in Lavelle. He can shift between human and dragon form at ease, and joyfully does so whenever possible. Though he is a full-blooded dragon, he was raised among humans, and identifies more easily with them than his draconic kin.

He lives for the thrill of the every day, and loves humans and their lives with all of his heart. He's a notorious meddler, but thanks to his infectious cheer, most who are meddled with don't really mind.

Leonard Winters
Aiden and Kari's father. He is the reasonable, mature adult that Kari is trying to emulate, but he�s ultimately not very good at that act either. Apparently he's also bad at answering his phone. What does he know about the Globe?

Natalie Flowers-Winters
Natalie was a tenacious child who simply got bigger instead of growing up. She had a penchant for telling wild stories and grossly exaggerated facts, but her personality was big enough that you believed they might very well be true. She passed away almost a year before the start of Kari and Aiden's adventure.

Fiona Colburn
Acting Governor of the colony of Alderton. As governor of a rugged frontier town, she is much more tenacious and fierce than may first appear, and has lead the colony to great success over the past few years. While she tries her best to keep a cool and calculated head in the face of adversity, her temper can be as quick and vicious as Xan's. Perhaps this is why the two clash so fiercely.

Cyrus Draco
Ambassador to Dell's Wind, now living in the royal capital. Despite being a diplomat, he is a man of few words.

Thalia Hartwell
Ashton's mother. A noblewoman from Malshire, with a deep hatred of the Blue King and all things associated with him.

The Tempest
The greatest sellsword in Lavelle, and Rio's mentor. She has been missing for about a year. While the worst has been assumed, it also wouldn't be the first time she's cheated death.

Mina Guilder A young private in the King's Army. She's thrilled to be working directly under Silas, because she greatly admires him as a soldier and a hero. She believes deeply in justice, and always doing the right thing. Her bold-faced earnesty makes her a little tone-deaf to the intricacies of politics.

Bea Flowers
Aiden and Kari's grandmother is full of sass and vivacity. She seems to know something about the Crystal Globe.

Kij and Kir
Twin Deer-man scouts, although they are much closer to human territory than most Gard tribes. Likely on the hunt for someone or something, but they surely won't be telling anyone what. They are particularly antagonistic toward Rio and Xan, and they have had some contentious meetings before.

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