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GUEST COMIC: Jisuk and Yuki!

Comic #384

Author's Comment

I've been really excited to post this comic for a while! This is written by Jisuk, of Karasu ( and Fishbones ( fame, and drawn by Yuki, also of Fishbones ( and Gorge ( fame!

I was gonna save this for the end of the chapter, BUUUT it's been a crazy couple weeks for a few reasons. The first is: I've been helping out with script implementation on the Namco High game! I don't know if you've all seen the game, but a lot of cool people have worked on it and it's gonna be a blast!

The second, and even more relevant for this delay, is I've been planning my first vacation in 10 years! I'm going to be going to Tokyo for 10 days as of tomorrow.

Updates will continue on a weekly basis once I get back! Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy the guest comic!

Uploaded by Kasey at 18:13 on 18 November
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